Docking Bay 420 seeks high-level active players. Min lvl 50.

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edited April 2016
Open-minded and competitive group of daily players looking to have fun and win some gear.
We have 10 players ranked top 100 Arena, 5 players ranked top 50, and we have the current 2nd, 11th, and 20th best Arena players in the world in our guild.

If you'd like to join, leave your Ally Code in a comment and I will send Ally request. Once accepted, if you meet our minimum lvl requirement, you will receive inv to guild. (Ally inv will come from user: cremefraiche)

Note: We are getting close to capacity. Once we reach capacity we will start to purge inactive members. Please be prepared to contribute to guild bank coins daily if you would like to guarantee your spot in the guild.


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