Consistent high level player lfg

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Poggle- 7 star gear 8 lvl 70
Yoda 6 star gear 9 lvl 76
Quigon- 7 star gear 8 lvl 75
Lumi- 7 star gear 8 lvl 75
Barris- 7 star gear 8 lvl 72
Kylo ren- 7 star gear 8 lvl 72
Sidious- 7 star gear 8 lvl 72
IG86- 7 star gear 8 lvl 70
Phasma- 7 star gear 8 lvl 72
Consular- seven star gear 8 lvl 70
Ahsoka - 7 star gear 8 lvl 70

Agressively farming droid and resistance synergies. Love the game, play everyday, looking for a competitive guild.

Edit: wide selection of mid level characters unlocked.


  • Zejuls
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    We would like to offer a spot to you at a high-level competitive guild by the name of Indestructible Force. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to fire them at me right away. Ally Code: 274-457-993
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    Would love to have you join mine. Dark Crimson
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    My alli code is 273-269-388
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    Thanks guys will hit you up. My ally code is 944-671-542

    (Probably should've initially included that :/)
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    Just shot an invite towards your way. :)
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    Please make sure you read all of the thread before applying. However, you can skip the 'Lore' section.

    I just started a guild which I have huge hopes for to become rank #1 as well as having a fun and homely environment. Read through the above thread and if you meet the requirements and like the visions I have for the guild, and think you will fit in with the vibe I want in the guild then post on the above thread and I'll send you an invite.
  • Quim
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    I'm creating a new guild based in a very good idea: build a very stronger guild with a high requirements to join. It will guarantee the best rewards in the guild activities and in the raids.

    We will get the best rewards everyday, the tiers 7 and the best raids, soon the heroics raids, we will be able to buy shards and purple gears everyday.

    If you are participating in another guild but you are not happy with the contributions of the members, you will find here the best option to get the best rewards, because it is a guild with high requirements to join, only available via invitations.

    In the first days we will be few members, but after get the first 10 or 15 very good players will be very easy get the last 35 or 40 players, I have experience in the recruitment and I will work a lot to get this objective, so you only need trust and we will get it very soon.

    It is a global guild, all good players of every country can participate.
  • Quim
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    Oops you just have posted in my guild post hehe so we can continue in my post =)
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