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I'm not a hardcore player by any means, this picture is the extent of my 7* players. I have some others at 6*, but I don't spend a lot of money, I just try to make the most of what I have.

I finish all of my daily activities, but I don't refresh activities much.


  • Add me and I'll send you an invite. Player name DogHammer. Guild name Songhammer. We're about half full now. Ally code is 747-848-976
  • Zejuls
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    A floormat has been laid out for you exclusively at the guild of Indestructible Force. Ally Code is 274-457993
  • My friend and I just formed BB808. It's a guild for casual players. Our leader is on HST if that matters to you, but you can be on mars time for all we care.

    You wont be kicked for anything except being rude and disrespectful to fellow guildmates and all we ask is that you LOG ON TO THE GAME once in weeks time to renew membership

    We want the benefits of a guild for our characters and really enjoy playing daily, but we don't need the aggresively competitive guild mentality. If this sounds like you come join us. No invite neccessary. Requirement is minimum level 50.

    Since I didn't see a way to search for guild by name before joining, I'm openeing up ten spots on my ally list to make it easier to find our guild. I will add you then delete as needed to make room for more once you're a member. Shade Thanewulf, 783-351-677
  • add me if you need a guild. 244-644-461
  • More than welcome in nWo Wolfpac! Good group of people. Casual but competitive players. Very friendly. Very helpful. Ftp and PtP welcome!

    Ally code: 895-123-924
  • Come join the winning guild. We are a new team on the rise seeking new recruitment. You're a perfect match for us! Join AmericasFinest. We are players that make the most of what we have just like you. Add me to join 555-342-454
    Stay classy ⛵️
  • We've got heaps of high level active players. Not hardcore, but active daily.

    You'll fit right in. Currently on 16000 guild bank coins.

    My ally code: 893-763-397
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