new player set up

Hi all, Ive just started playing I and so far I wanted to know what is a good starting team to play with. So far im player lvl 37 and here are characters I have.
Sid 32 4* Gear 4
Bane 32 4* Gear 3
Talia 32 3* gear 3
Phasma 31 3* gear 3
Lobot 26 3* gear 3
Jawa 19 3* gear 3
Chewie 34 3* gear 4
IG-86 24 3* gear 3
Snowtrooper 20 2* gear 3
Royal guard 22 2* gear 3
Resi trooper 27 2* gear 3
JC 32 2* gear 3
Greedo 30 2* gear 3
Biggs 26 2* gear 3
Nighsister initiate 12 1* gear 2
Geonosian soldier 2 1* gear2
Ewok scout 12 1* gear2
Coruscant UP 28 1* gear 3
Clone SGT 23 1* gear 3
Any suggestions?



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    I'd go with Phasma in the lead, Sid, JC,Talia and lastly Bane. Getting Lumi from GW would help you completing GW since you only have 2 healers, focusing on Sid with arena and getting Daka from cantina shipments seems to be the most plausible way to go.

    What you farm in cantina depends on you, you could go for either JC or Geonosian soldier (dont have him but seems a beast).
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    The Geonosian soldier is very similar to Biggs with the difference that biggs is more tailored to everyone while the soldier is better played with just Geonosians. I didnt look at the stats that much though and it seems the GC has a high speed. I am very close to Stormtrooper Han and Qui Gon, would they be useful?
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    I do not have either of them so my comments are based on facing them in GW but most common judgment is Qui Gon is useful but hard to star up. For Han I honestly have no idea seems good on paper but not a common foe.
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