Just pulled Barriss from Bronzium!

Lady luck has shined on me and granted me a 4* barriss from a Bronzium pull. I'm already 24/65 so thinking it shouldn't be too hard to reach 5* soon depending on if her drops are bad like Dooku. I already have a 5* Gear 7 Jedi Consular, is the consensus thought to switch to Barriss once I get her gear up or can JC hope to compete with her. I'm running a pretty typical team for my level (50) with Sid, Dooku, JC, Lumi, Tarkin..will probably phase out Tarkin as I have Kylo, Fives and working on Boba. Any thoughts?


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    That's where I got my Barris from too. I couldn't believe it at first thinking I bought a chrono by mistake. Best I've gotten from the bronze packs by far.
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    I got an Old Daka. Didn't even know you could pull a 4* from a Bronze pack.
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    Grats man!! Consular and Barris both have advantages in certain situations. While I dont find Barriss useful in arena with my team she is a Godsend in the PVE aspect. Consular becomes pretty powerful at 7* and is one of only a few characters you can equip into the second tier of epic gear. At that point you've unlocked the cooldown reduction on his heal so he is pretty beastly. Guess what I'm trying to get at is they both are very useful but 7* JC just seems like a much better choice in most situations.
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    They trashed her and then started giving her out for free. ****.
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