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These are things I wish I knew right at the start plus extra thoughts.

As background: I'm just level 60, and maybe about 10 to 20 players on my server were level 60 before me. I've been top spot in Arena twice, with good snipe timing, but generally top 10/top 20; I don't have the strongest team at all (kudos to @LordYUGOLOTH, Rael Stern, Dida, @Valdorian who had the strongest 4 teams in the early phase, in my view. Boo Hiss to S***** who must not be named, all top players on my server will know what I'm talking about...)

-Use retreat in Galatic War
-Don't buy the Chromium pack (CP) if you are interested in value
-If you are going to buy CP, the 8 pack guarantees a character (though it still will get turned into shards if you own it)
-There is a crystal subscription package (currently 7 days; there was a big uproar over some being offered 21days, and some none at all on first launch)
-Gearing is much much more important than shard collecting/starring from early to mid game.
-Shard drop rates seem to be about 30% (the Cantina rates might have been higher pre-update, but no one knows for sure, they seem to have both normalised now) but RNG means a run of 10 can easily drop zero shards.
-If you are on an energy budget and seeking gear, choose the node with the least number of items on it, this increases the chance of the item you want dropping compared to when there are many items on the node drop. (dev tip)
-Devs are promising there will be some shard exchange mechanic at some point in the future (though maybe only for shards beyong 7 stars, who knows)
-Always collect event keys, though events are useless, they count towards your shipment achievements (at least for now)
-Save a character to gear for your gear daily
-Always do dailies
-Everyone seems to have 6pm local time cut off for Arena.
-People are on different servers, you might not be with your friends
-Your Defense team is your last Arena team
-People can lock them selves in battle in last minutes of Arena, either self lock or locked by others.
-Rank 10 can only fight a max of rank 7 (ie 3 places down<0 this is true of all top 10 but
rank 11, can attack the rank 2 player; so rank 11 is the hotter position.
-Don't waste gold or training droids on characters you will not use (ewok scout, I'm thinking of you), between levels 40 and 60 you will start to run dry
-The "safe" generic team is two healers, 3 attackers, including Sid and Lumi.
-In Arena, GW remember RNG is not with you Jedi vs Sid as Sid has extra Jedi evade.
-GW, at the end you get a random shard, this can be any shard including Vader.
-GW, you get 1200 tokens for a complete run
-Always buy gear shipments for gold
-Old Daka can help you 3 star a mission (even if it says 2 stars, if a hero dies, the node completes as 3 stars if Old Daka revied your team to full roster). You need 3 stars to sim.
-Bronzium can drop up to 4 stars of any farmable character at super low drop rates
-The level 60 cap will rise at some point if the games continues to be successful
-Unlocking: 10 shards unlocks a hero at 1*; 25 shards unlocks a hero at 2* 50 shards unlocks a hero at 3*; 80 shards unlocks a hero at 4*. Then 2* to 3* takes 25 shards; 3* to 4 star takes 30 shards; 4* to 5* takes 65 shards; 5* to 6 stars takes 85 shards and 6* to 7* takes 100 shards.
-You need to scroll the ability upgrade list to view the mat level 3 requirements

Galatic wars: the teams you face have been tweaked by devs, but you can still get unlucky. One key facter seems to be the strength of the team you use in Arena; so having a lower strength Arean team might help (this is unconfirmed though).

Getting Jedi Counsular healing cool down reduced at high level, makes the rereate heal tactic much easier.

GW: On retreat, all buffs/debuffs go, but ability cooldown remains.

GW: You can enter with a partial team, this can absorb an AoE attack if you know it is likely to come.

GW: AI only tends to heal when a character is in the yellow zone, and in the yellow Zone AI will almost always heal

AI always taunts, handles Talia badly.
Damage over Time, doesn't kill you/them.
Talia can't kill herself from her heal.


Are you most fond of

1) PvP Area
2) Galatic Wars (which are often based on other player's Arena teams, though some times seem to be made up) or
3) Collecting

Are you

a) no spender
b) low spender
c) medium spender
d) big spender

If are b) buy the Dooku pack when it comes along, it will get you far in GW, Arena and Dark side story (to the mid game at least) and it's cheap (compartively) and consider Xtal subscriptions

if you are a) you can get there but it will be sloooow. you might want to priotorise between 1) and 2); and 3) is a very long slog, prepare for disappointment.

if you are c) you might consider the droid pack, if you want a droid team, this could get you very far and fast in PvP with a Poggle else Xtal subs for refills (no CP!) are the way to go.

if you are d) set yourself a budget, because this game can go into the thousands and you still won't have a complete collection of 7 stars.

If you are 1) you will want to have a slight focus on your main 5 characters, if you are 2) you will want to be a little bit more measured to keep a deeper bench although of course both will be in parallel.

If you are 1) and have time, always use allies rather than Sim, as Bronziums will be biggest source of new characters with some luck


-Whales fund these type of games, devs will be very influenced by high level end game PvP (eg Bariss nerf needed for long term game balance, Jedi Counter teams at high star level were very strong, hence the buff to Sid and Maul in latest update; the regular mid game player won't necessarily by aware of the end game meta or the whale / soft launch server meta)

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