Optimizing Captain Phasma as leader

Was thinking of using Captain Phasma as leader with her call a random ally to assist ability. Was just wondering what you guys think would be the best team with this?

I was thinking it would be interesting to use:
Captain Phasma (Leader)
Leia- crits, chance of attacking three times
Darth Sidious - AOE, crits
First Order TIE Pilot - crits, double attack chance
IG 86 -crits, call assist

would potentially like to through another character with the call assist ability in there.

Other possibilities:
Rey - crits, chance of attacking three times
Kylo Ren - AOE, crits
Darth Maul - for AOE with crits
CT 5555 - call assist, chance of counter attack
Count Doku - counter attack and chance to attack again
Cad Bane - chance of double attack
Kit Fisto - chance to attack again, counter attack chance
Qui-Gon - call ally to assist
Aayla Secura - chance to call ally to assist, chance of counter attack
Geonosian Solider - call ally to assist
Biggs Darklighter - call ally to assist

What do you guys think? I am up for suggestions. I have all characters unlocked except for Rey at the moment. Thanks :)


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    Sounds good. Counterattack crazy as opposed to calling to assist might be viable.
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    I don't think Phasma, Leia, Sid, FOTP and IG86 would work even though it sounds really good in concept. You'd probably start off with using Phasma's buff, followed by Leia stealth and hitting AoE with Sid since those 3 are really fast the opponent also would have maybe 2 toons going as well.

    Both FOTP and IG86 have mediocre speed and horrible defense unless they're 7* and no protection, the AI might target either of those and possibly kill off both. Then you're left in a 5v3 where the future seems bleak. I'd consider replacing both IG86 and FOTP (unless he is 7*) with Poe and Geonosian both of these toons have greater speed than IG and FOTP and Geonosian pretty much having the same kit as IG possibly with lesser crit chance.

    Poe would offer protection for your toons and put expose with Geonosian dishing out insane damage.

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