108th Legion recruiting *Currently looking 43/50*

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We are a guild that plays daily and is very friendly. We are completing tier 5 raids currently. We're mostly high level players around 78-80. So we are looking for anyone who actively plays, can be f2p or p2p, but you will need to have enough characters over 5* to contribute to our raids. If you're interested then you can message me here.
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    I am interested. 613-479-286 I am a lv 75 player with multiple 7* toons and gear levels XII and IX. I rank around 200 or better on an average day in pvp.
  • Collin
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    I sent you an invite crystaleyes, welcome to the 108th Legion
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    I'm interested; Lv73.
    In another guild now, but we haven't done any raids yet.
    Kinda bored waiting.
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    I'm interested. Level 73, arena power 26k with ranking between 100-150. Daily completion and daily 50/50/100 refreshes. Ally code 132-366-615. Just abandoned my first guild this morning, the officers had no idea what was going on... Pacific time zone, for what that's worth.
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