Game Update - 4/27/2016

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UPDATE: To celebrate May the 4th we are adding 25% more Crystals to each type of Crystal Pack for the standard price. These special deals may only be purchased one time for each type of Pack. To find this offer, tap on Data Cards from the main Cantina Screen and then the Crystals Tab.
NOTE: We are aware that there is an issue where some users are seeing some of the Crystal offers for a 25% higher cost and are working to get this fixed ASAP.


Here are the notes for today’s update.

  • DoTs and Bombs are once again able to kill units.
  • Captain Phasma’s Fusillade ability now fires in the correct direction.
  • The tooltip for Topple is now correct when knocking the door down onto the Rancor.
  • Health Pips (Bars) have been adjusted to make it easier to tell how much health a character has left.
  • The text on Raid Booster Packs has been updated for better clarity on what the pack contains.
  • Payouts for Guild Activities were incorrect for Ranks 41-50 on Tier 4 challenges for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This has been fixed so that they now receive the correct Payouts. Previously they were awarding higher Payouts than the Ranks above them.
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