Looking for a guild (lvl 72) 7*'s

I am new to the forum, not the game. No guilds before so I never bothered introducing myself or frequenting the forums. Now that has all changed. :) I am a lvl 72 player with four toons 7* and two toons 6*. I normally run a droid/jedi combo in the arena. My top 5 toons are all gear lvl VIII and I am fairly active (log in everyday).

Looking for an active, helpful, fun group of people to play with who are taking the game semi seriously (not low level freeloaders and not players who require people to cash drop like crazy).


  • GrubbiestPizza
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    Hi, I would like to send you an ally request for "Da Grubbiest Galaxy." We are casual guild that plays the game to have fun and we don't take the game to seriously. we are on Central Time United States (GMT -6). We are mostly comprised of people over level 70 (25 total members currently) but we do have five members under 70. We are mostly free to play as well and there is not an obligation to spend real currency on activities for the guild.

    If you would like to join you can find the guild by searching for "Da Grubbiest Galaxy" or you can send me an ally request at 878-564-857.

    If you think this is what your looking for in a guild we would be happy to have you. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

    Thank you
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    Hi, we are a growing small guild-Ladies First, feel free to come and decide whether to stay or not. Though small, we are trying our best 834-937-629. The leader is a girl, level 75, 30229 power, ranking around 50.
  • Zarbax
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    We're looking for daily players who are above level 70 and have a reasonable squad. Preferably a minimum of 5 7* toons with another 5 or more of 5* and above.
    We'll be aiming for Tier V raids and above.
    We're looking to create a friendly community.
    UK leader and reset time for guild activities (currently 730PM GMT).
    Free to play players welcome.
    Add 277-214-157 or 397-934-463 to your allies.
  • Cinge
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    If you are active and need a guild, join mine. We have dedicated members who contribute the full amount each day, but don't cash drop... Well, I have a bit. I started this guild after the first one dropped me. My ally code is: 817-952-176
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    Sending you a PM, sir :)
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    More than welcome in nWo Wolfpac! Good group of people. Casual but competitive players. Very friendly. Very helpful. Ftp and PtP welcome!

    Ally code: 895-123-924
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    Please make sure you read all of the thread before applying. However, you can skip the 'Lore' section.

    I just started a guild which I have huge hopes for to become rank #1 as well as having a fun and homely environment. Read through the above thread and if you meet the requirements and like the visions I have for the guild, and think you will fit in with the vibe I want in the guild then reply on my guild thread and I'll send you an invite.
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