PUNISHMENT CORP Desperatly seeking for active members

I have an almost full guild right now, many of my guildmembers aren't even trying
Many of them with 0 activity and currently the situation is quiet desperate so please help!
I would like some active players who also just want to grow and gather as fast and as much loot as possible. You dont have to be the most addicted player or going cash crazy just do your part and help us.
Just add : 497-274-236 or drop me a message


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    Hey we have 33/50 daily players. If u want to merge guilds to make 50/50 juat bring ur top players. Ill make u an officer to get ur people in. Just comment and let me no
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    That is a really really nice offer and I'm flattered :blush: but unfortunately i have to refuse.
    But I wish you and your guild good luck :smile:
    And again thank you very much.
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