Intergalactic Space Pants- A New Guild

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Yes, it's another new guild post, but this guild is all about 1 thing. Fun. The only 2 rules I have are these:

1) Be LVL 60+
2) Be Active

If you meet those requirements and like to have fun, then add my ally code down below and I'll bring you in I know real life can interfere with game play, so it's not life or death if you can't play all the time, just as long as we can meet the targets most of the time, or sometimes. Just looking for some nice folks to enjoy the game and get raiding with. Literally just created the guild about 5 minutes ago, so the quicker I get people, the quicker we can get to raiding! See you soon!

Quick Edit:
Ally Code: 882-436-396
I'm Firehouse1983 in game.
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