Guild Raid Problems:

First of all, I do not know when the Raid period actually begins, I see no schedule posted anywhere. Also, it is simply not fair when Guild Leaders do not announce it and use our earned GBCs. I expect this as a common problem especially for those like me who contributed much time and GBCs for our Guild. How can this be fixed?


  • Just had the same situation, was spending time and cash the whole week to contribute as much as possible to be able to start a raid and by the time i was able to get on today, the raid was already finished.

    This is a horrible design, every active guild member contributes towards raid financing, so every single guild member should be able to praticipate. The raid system needs some rework.
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    I don't know what happened to the guild raids for you guys, but I created a guild. All members have been very communicative and I appointed officers to those who were most vocal on the chat.

    My guild officers started the raid on Sunday I believe. I had suggested we start but did not hear a response from anyone. I had some things to do so when I looked back att he game that evening the raid was already in progress.

    By the way: tier 5 is really, really hard!

    But the raid is ongoing still! All members, although a little discouraged have not abandoned the raid. We got passed the gammorrean guards and are almost through the first phase of the rancor (who is insanely hard by the way).

    I do not know if the raid will continue like this until completion, or if a time limit (which I cannot find posted anywhere) will cease the raid.

    Anyway, my point is that your guild leader must have been discouraged by how hard the raid was and simply abandoned the raid.

    That is sad that your contributions were taken away like that. If that is how your guild leader runs his guild, then maybe you should find another.

  • Thanks for reading. It did/does depend on the Guild Leader and Officer to communicate well. EA set the game to provide Push Notifications to players of that Guild.
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