A question about speed and turn meter

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Does anyone know exactly how speed relates to turn meter gain? I used to think that it was pretty straight forward and that at the beginning of a match the character with the highest speed gets to attack first but now I am not so sure. I recently upgraded my Count Dooku to 4 stars and tried using him in PvP again. I played against a player who had Dooku as their leader. Their Dooku was the same number of stars, one level lower, and one gear level lower than mine. My Dooku also had two slots filled on his current gear level that upped his speed. My opponents Dooku ended up attacking before mine and I'm wondering how this can be?

Is there any variability or randomness when it comes to comes to calculating turn meter?

Does the defending player in PVP get a slight boost to speed or turn meter gain?

Any info would be appreciated.


  • At the beginning of the game his attacked before yours or did he end up attacking more frequently than yours?
  • At the begging of the match my opponent's Dooku attacked before mine.
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    Another characters power affect his speed?
  • Mtwizard
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    I guess...
    Same speed = random turn
    Or priorty on total speed higher team has first attack in same speed

    And you remember that
    Leveling up or star up is not mean speed up.
    Only gear up can make speed stat higher.
  • O8c8h80
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    No, no one else should have affected his speed. His team members where JC, Sidious, Lumi and Luke.

    His leader was his Dooku. And my Dooku should have had more speed than his because I was one gear level higher with two slots on that gear level filled which boosted my speed plus 8.
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