Always enjoy the variety of opinions-- Phasma or Poggle next?

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So I will have the following this week:
Sid 7*
Lumi 7*
Ahsoka almost 6*
Kylo almost 6*

I have Poggle 4*and Phasma 3*. Thoughts on who is stronger fit for me to focus the gw shipments?

I love Poggle 50% attack increase but Phasma has great leader skill for Kylo and attack team plus the awesome advantage and slow skill.


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    My poggle is friggin strong if you synergise it with a bunch of aoe. I'm planning to use him with Sidious, Assaj, and Maul for their AOE. He also makes great synergy with Geonosian Sold
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    Looks like a great team you have there.

    Personally, I would drop your Ahsoka and lead with Phasma.
    Your team would then be:
    Phasma 3* (leader)
    Sid 7*
    Lumi 7*
    Kylo almost 6*
    and Poggle 4*

    Level your Phasma with your GW shipments, and her mats, for turn advantage and multi attacks.

    Poggle @ 4* is fine for now as long as fully equip. he should have a high enough speed that only Dooku with a stun could stop him from using his attack/buff/ increase.

    Sacrifice Poggle as all you need is his buff to go off.

    Now here's the hard part. Watch carefully, the other team might die so fast you'll miss the fight.

    Have fun n God bless~
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