Recommendations on my team

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Yo yo, so my available fully levelled (56 atm) and 4-starred heroes are below and I was wondering if I could get your recommendations on a final 5, all their abilities are either lvl4 or 5 and fully upgraded gear:

1. Sidious
2. Geonosian Soldier
3. Poggle
4. Maul
5. Luminara
6. Consular
7. Old Daka
8. Tahlia
9. Chewbacca
10. Assaj

My current build:
Sidious, Geonosian, Poggle, Assaj, Consular


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    Sid, JC, Lum, and Ventress. Poggle I do not have. Daka and Geo I just got and not leveled so can't comment.

    I have Lum, JC, Sid, Ventress all at 5* Max gear and they do quite well for me. All 4 are near Star 6 too.

    I have Maul at 5* gear 6 he hits pretty solid, and vs Jedi quite hard, but so squishy.
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