How to defend against high damage characters????

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I came across a 7*Geonosian Soldier and a 6*First Order TIE Pilot and they absolutely wrecked me. It was sad. What characters should i use/what should i do to stop them???


  • Maybe a QGJ Lumi Daka RG Rey? All except RG I think will go before FOTP. Get a Daka stun or a Rey smash before he even lifts his gun
  • Yeah, I play a FOTP on my server and I don't let him get a shot off or at most just one.... I wack him with assist out of the gate which removes his protection, then get Rey a buff, then try to say hello three times with Rey and it usually knocks him to the ground. Not sure a 7* GS should be wrecking you that much though, how's your squad look?
  • Well, since the update Admiral Ackbar with QGJ and Luke Skywalker can do the job
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