Farming advice for new-ish player

Hi I'm looking for some general advice from you more experienced players. I'm level 45 and trying to progress in both pve and pvp.

My characters:
45 Darth Sidious 4*
45 Nute Gunray 4*
45 Talia 4*
45 Captain Phasma 3*
45 Clone Wars Chewbacca 3*
45 Jedi Consular 3*
44 Stormtrooper 3*
43 Royal Guard 2 *
42 Hoth Rebel Soldier 3*
42 Jawa 3*
41 Resistance Pilot 2*
38 Resistance Trooper 2*
38 Snowtrooper 1*
31 Ewok Scout 1*
20 Nightsister Initiate 1*
12 Clone Sergeant 1*
12 IG-85 Sentinel Droid 1*
11 Geonosian Soldier 1*
2 First Order TIE Pilot 1*

I'm currently farming Old Daka in cantina shipments and Chewbacca shards in cantina battles, Luminara Unduli in GW shipments, and just unlocked Darth Sidious in arena shipments (should I keep farming Darth Sidious shards to upgrade him or farm another character?). What leader abilities should I be using for GW/arena/squad cantina/light side battles/dark side battles? My light side character team is weak (3* Chewbacca/3* Jedi Consular/3* Jawa/3* Hoth Rebel Soldier/2* Resistance Pilot) and I'm struggling in level 5 light side battles, how can I improve this team? Any other general advice would be great as well. I'm not very experienced with these types of games but have been enjoying this one quite a bit.


  • I'm also new, I spent a bunch of money though, but here's my farming advice, spend all your arena point on Sid, all gw on Lum and farm her as much as possible in missions, Try farming Jc in Cantina and missions get him max, as well as Chewy, it took me a week to 5* chewy.

    Also don't bother trying to get chromium packs it's a waste, spend all your shards on energy and work to uograde your gear on your main team to get them as strong as possible.
  • Don't waste any resources on Chewy - hi ain't good enough. GO for Fives or Boba - Taunts have counters now. In my server if you see chewy or poe, there will always be QGJ or Mace.
  • Get chewie, jawa & consular to 4*. Then focus on consular. You should get genosian to 3* but too late now.

    You need to get another tanky light side team coz later on, first & 2nd round you will up against multiple aoe that will kill 2 or 3* gear v. You need those nodes to farm purple gear. Maybe hoth rebel soldier & jawa can handle it should you upgrade them to 4*.

    I have 2* resistant troopr/pilot. 3*jawa/plo kloon, they just melt at 5 lvl higher. I'm not upgrading them beyond gearv. Or else I can't maintain top 100 position.

    I guess I have to manually farm it without sim.
  • Thanks for the replies guys I appreciate it. Should I use Chewbacca or Sidious as my leader in GW? I usually use Sidious in the other modes but wondering if Chewbacca is better in GW for more long term survivability
  • Get chewie, JC, Phasma, Jawa to 4* then focus on JC and Luminara. Keep farming Daka and Sid. After you get Daka get Ahsoka for a decent LS attacker.
  • What should my priority be for ability leveling? Is it better to focus a single character or spread it out across my main team getting the cheapest ones first?
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