Character placement discussion (Ally Assist patterns)

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I have noticed different team positions have different results.
1 2 3
4 5

For example unit 2(mid front unit), if Captain Phasma is your leader, does not really call for ally assists from unit 5(the back unit closer to you on the screen) but often gets assists from unit 2(front closest to you on the screen or 4(back unit further from you on the screen)

I often put Vader in slot/position 4 to get a chance at ability block and Kylo in postion 3 to gain an extra attack for healing immunity.

Position 3 and 4 seem to be targeted more by the AI than other positions.

Ally Assist Patterns
2(leader)---> ally assist 3 or 4
1---> ally assist 4
3---> ally assist 1

Has anyone else noticed some different patterns emerging depending on team slot positions?

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  • Can anyone expand on how to best place Dooku for defensive Arena purposes?
    I noticed many higher level players (top 10) put him in the far left (viewed on my screen, looking towards my opponent's side view).

    So I assume that would be position 1 or 4 on Dooku's side (my opponent's side).
    They do some terrible combo's from that location.

    Does this location (4) or any others location/slot (except 2) have some special or known benefits?
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