Characters worth going for

Hi i've been playing for a while now but I didn't really care about creating a team strategy. It would be great if some of the experienced players would give me some guidance which characters or team set ups I should go for :) my current active team is:
49 4* lando
49 4* chewie
49 4* greedo
49 3* cad bane
49 3* luminara

I also have fives, poe, savage, talia and i'm currently farming sidious in the arena.

I hope someone can give me his helpful opinion :)


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    You will have to drop cad bane so dont invest too much in him.

    Focus on building luminara and sidious. Poe might be good addition cause u can farm him with cantina. Talia might be important to progress in dark side campaign and she is easy to farm. Where is your jedi consular? He is a great asset to the team.

    So farm lumi in gw, sidious in arena and poe in cantina. Consider main stream such as jedi consular and talia and you would be fine.

    Just my own opinion.
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    Thanks! My consular is a little behind i'll start building him up further
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