New player advice

I started playing a week ago and I'm at level 42. So far I'm running:

4* Ima Gun Di
3* Chewie
2* JC
3* Talia
And a few others such as tie pilot which hits hard even at 1* so far and most of the others we all got for free.

In arena I'm working towards Sidious
In GW I'm working towards Luminara

I'm just stuck on what I should be working towards in Cantina. I'm 1 shard away from unlocking luke then I'm not sure whether I should keep farming shards for him or work on something else.

Also not sure who to get from cantina shipments. I was going for Ahsoka but also had my eye on CT or Boba, who ive heard gets better as you level him more. Was also looking at Daka for the future for the dark path for heals. Basically just stuck on who I should be working towards first.


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    Hi bro. My team comp is also running ima gun -di. I think he is good char for his 4*. Focus on JC with cantina shards. Bout Cantina shipment i suggest you to get Daka/Boba/Fives. My team comp is Sid Lumi DM Gun-di and JC and I am top 15 Arena.
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    I don't think I'm too far away from JC farming. Now just to decide which to do first. Daka 5555 or Boba
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    They are good. I rly like Daka, but i want boba's ability block. I don't have Ben and this is the only free source of blocking ability that is reliant. Lumi's block is not that great. But Daka''s revive is OP. I don't thing you can do the wrong choice here. The three above are decent.
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    I have fives and I must say that right now (4*) he's in a 6-7* team and he still shines. His assist skill allows you to burst down people if you mix him with attackers with high first skill damage like sid or lumi, and his slow on counterattack is just great when facing aoe spammin AI.

    This said, i'll have him sit for a while at 4* since i'm close to unlocking boba since I want to try it out. His speed is pretty low though, so most likely when he can lay his ability block, most specials will have been used anyway..but i'll let you know in a couple of days
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