Barriss or Phasma as a leader?

Hi there, i have a team of Barriss, Assajj, Sid, Lumi and JC. I use 4* Barriss as a leader now, because of her synergies with Jedis. But i wonder if using Phasma as a leader would be better?


  • since I got phasma I always go with her as leader. I usually finish rank #2 or #3 in my server and im not a spender (i dont even have any 7* yet... but tonight i will)
    my team is duku, sidious, JC, lumi and phasma. I really prefer extra dmg output vs 200~400hp healing per turn.. which is almost nothing
  • Barriss would be better for your team.
  • Thanks. I like, that Barriss also adds 17,5% max health to Jedis and half of that amount to others. And her heal can equalise health even with active heal debuff. But i think i will give Phasma a try. When to use Phasmas turn meter skill?
  • pay2win: Why do you think so? Thank you.
  • Araedon wrote: »
    pay2win: Why do you think so? Thank you.

    You have 3 Jedi and a heal heavy team. If you replace a healer, Phasma might become more suitable.

    Normally, I use Phasmas speed down skill to start and turn meter the second round. Its situational though since you might not want to speed down a counter attack heavy team.
  • i would choose phasma as a leader. since you already have 2 healers barris' heal every turn ability is not really needed. take out JC for phasma, the extra attacks from his leader ability are great especially if you have qgj or leia on your team.
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