Game Update - 4/28/2016


Here are the update notes for today.
  • Raid rewards for difficulty tiers V, VI and Heroic have been adjusted. Rewards for each of these tiers will include Salvage pieces for the following gear (each require a minimum of 50 Salvage or more to craft):
    • MK 5 Arakyd Droid Caller (level 74)
    • MK 5 CEC Fusion Furnace (level 73)
    • MK 7 Nubian Security Scanner (level 77)
    • MK 6 Nubian Design Tech (level 79)
  • With this adjustment, players starting at Raid Tier V, VI, and VII (Heroic) will be guaranteed a minimum number of one these Salvage pieces (selected randomly from the previous listed gear)
    • Players in T5 are GUARANTEED 3 (or more) Salvage pieces of a single piece of the listed gear
    • Players in T6 are guaranteed Salvage of 8 (or more)
    • Players in T7 are guaranteed Salvage of 15 (or more)
    • Players in T6 and T7 both have a CHANCE at a full piece
    • If you get lucky and get a FULL piece, there will be no Salvage for any of the listed gear
  • Players who were unable to log into the game due to a bug with Guilds should now be able to log back in.

Below is an image to show the number of rewards for the information above.

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