Need help with team setup

Hello guys,

I need help with my team for GW and Arena. I'm 51 lvl and currently have:

5* Chewbacca almost 6 lvl gear
5* Luminara almost 7 lvl gear
4* Sidious almost 6 lvl gear
4* Ima-Gun Di 6 lvl gear
3*(almost 4*) Ahsoka Tano 5 lvl gear
3* Captain Phasma 5 lvl gear
3* Savage Opress 4 lvl gear
2* Kit Fisto 4 lvl gear
2* Jedi Consular 6 lvl gear(have no luck with shards..)

3* Talia
3* Jawa
2* Clone Sergeant
1* IG-86
1* Nighsister Initiate
1* Snowtrooper
2* First Order Stormtrooper
1* Ewok Scout
1* Royal Guard
2* Ungnaught
2* Jedi Knight Guardian
2* Resistance Trooper
1* First Order TIE Pilot

Currently playing mostly as:

Ima-Gun Di (leader)
Darth Sidious

When attacking in arena I'm 300-500, but losing when AI plays my team...
I'm farming Dooku(hard mode),JC(hard), Sidious(arena), ahsoka(cantina) and Luminara(GW).
Right now I want to swap Chewbacca for Dooku, wanted Fives, but I don't like him(have him on Guest acc).
So... please help me guys :)
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