Lets find out who is the strongest

I have attached a poll on who we think is the strongest, please take a min. and cast your vote. I will post the results this weekend. please vote who you think is strongest. looking for a least 50 people to vote



  • Done.
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  • please share with anyone you know, I want to get a big number of people to vote so we have a good idea of who is strong and who we shouldn't bother with
  • Eagerly waiting for th results :)
  • we just need a lot more people, so please share it
  • TobyVirgo
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    Done, this could be interesting. I predict Imperial Guard to be the best.
  • March of the Ewoks!
  • Time
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    So does this assume everyone is 7* and max gear?
  • this is everyone's opinion. It's up to you to assume that but this is about who works best on your team and who is the strongest to fight again. it's everyone's personal opinion on strength. for example, i didn't know that first order tie pilot is any good but he is in the top 10 as of right now. there is something that i didn't see that others have. there are others that I thought are strong and work well with me but other say suck.
  • Done.
    I assumed that every character was on the same star and gear level. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense to compare them. Why would you compare a 2* Leia without gear with a 7* Darth Vader with tier 7 gear? =)
  • haha that works but lets keep it going, the goal was 50 and we are past that, if we can get 100, that would be perfect. I'm going to keep these stats and see how they progress over time. Every once in awhile I will post a poll, taking into account any nerfs or new characters and how they play together.
  • answers are up
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