Total power question in Arena

When I look at my total power, it's a couple thousand above just about everyone around me in the top ten, even guys that are 4 and 5 levels higher than me. But when I go to fight, that power level is completely trumped by anyone that is a higher level.

So is it actually just a meaningless stat meant more for a general idea of your power? Or does it maybe display differently to other people?

Just wondering because I would think the high power would dissuade people from attacking, but they go after me everytime because I'm a lower level and don't have Barriss. I also don't get how I could have a higher total power than some of these lineups.


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    It's been reported a few times and EA_Jesse has stated they're looking into it as it might be a display bug.
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    I need them to look into that because my power is 8k+ & I lost for the first time vs a 5k player but what I did notice he had good characters and no Chewy and I couldn't off him fr not mad ijs......
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