Is fives good??

I have fives 3* and i would like to know if i use the cantina shipments to upgrade the fives or is most better focus on other character??


  • Telaan
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    Farm Daka first. Fives is an excellent second choice.
  • I would recommend to push Daka only to 5*, that is more than enough.

    Then Gear VI, maybe VII and she is decent for Dark Side Battles and GW.
  • Just got 5's myself, haven't gotten to use him but he is a pain to go up against in the arena with his counters! Daka is awesome too.
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  • His basic is really weak but he applies slow to everyone he hits. Turn meter control is very effective. Imo he is still a B-list hero.
  • Ok...só i will focus on daka...will take like 2 years, but ok lol. Thank you guys!
  • I really like Fives. Just got him to 6* and I am pretty happy thus far especially in combination with Phasma as leader.
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