SWGOH Raid Guide!


Download or view the Raid Guide! This guide covers all phases, best team comps and more! Feel free to share this with your SWGOH Guild, teammates, group, etc. Thanks to LordRath for putting this together. Special thanks to Wise Man Pendle and Yoyoyoda!

Download/view info - click here!


  • Randall
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    Looks like you are using stormtrooper image instead of stormtrooper han, you left out GS from dpsers. Also no mentioned of buff (taunt) removal from stage 1?

    Really better killing both adds? I try to stun one, remove the others taunt and focus on the captain.
  • Colpo
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    edited May 2016
    Thx a lot 4 sharing this guide, m8! (:
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    Line: xSNAKEMAN
  • Thx, great you let other guilds participate of your experiences!!!
    Blue It's a trap - German guild - It's a trap Black
  • Naecabon
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    Start video.

    See 2h28m runtime.

    Close video.
  • X0160768
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    Naecabon wrote: »
    Start video.

    See 2h28m runtime.

    Close video.

  • V1p3rdyn4sty
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    Lol at minute 12:15- 14:45. That pesky Raxle going out of turn. Sorry guys. I did wait 45 minutes and the raid was half over! Overall, really good communication and it's appreciated. Team Skunk killing t7 in 10 minutes.
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