Leader/Squad Advice

Everyone, I am hoping you can help me pick my leader - particularly for GW. Also, what you think my "A" team should be.

Currently, I have been using Sid as my leader in both Arena and GW. I am wondering if I should be using Lumi.

Here are my characters:
Sid 5* Gear 7 level 58
Lumi 6* Gear 7 level 58
County Dooku 4* Gear 6 level 58
JC 4* Gear 7 level 58
Finn 5* Gear 6 level 55
Chewie 4* Gear 6 level 54
Luke 3* Gear 5 level 54
Kylo Ren 5* Gear 6 level 53
Talia 4* Gear 6 level 51
Captain Pharmacy 4* Gear 5 level 50
Old Dakar 4* Gear 5 level 48

The rest are lower tier fodder that I started with.

I have been using Sid (leader), Lumi, County Dooku, JC, and Kylo Ren as my "A" team for both Arena and GW. Is this who you would say is my "A" team? What changes or upgrades should I make ?

Thanks everyone!


  • I am thinking I might try running GW with Lumi tonight. It's worth a shot. I just wasn't sure who was the better leader.
  • Rolf
    1032 posts Member
    I use Sid for most things, but Lumi in GW because I like having the minor heal every turn. Could be wrong, but I feel it helps the chars last for the long GW stretch.
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
  • Thanks Rolf. That's what is intriguing me to give it a try
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