Numerous Bugs Identified

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1. Teebo - Leader ability invalidates Ewok Scramble duration. If leader ability procs after Teebo uses Ewok Scramble, his stealth does not last for full duration of N turns as described in the Ewok Scramble description.

Example: Teebo goes first - leader ability procs. Uses ES for 100% TM for Ewok allies. Next turn, Teebo's stealth is gone if leader ability does not proc again

2. Stealth counter. Working as intended with one exception: in cases of assisted attack, if ANY of the allies are stealth, NONE of the assists are countered.

Example: Teebo is stealthed. Chirpa uses Tribal Unity ability. 4 Allies are called for assist on Dooku, no counters are proc'd for the 3 toons without stealth (I love this, but it IS a bug)

3. Yoda Battle Meditation: if Yoda has buff block on (from Anakin or NS initiate) and uses battle meditation, No allies receiver tenacity up.
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