So I just bought the year-end bundle.


  • I got my $19+ refunded (or in process, anyway). I called Google, got put on the waitlist to be called back when a rep was available, and after explaining the situation, the rep refunded the full cost. So I think I ended up getting the pack for free. I hope Google confronts EA to make them foot the bill in cases like this. They deserve to lose money for their poorly run, overpriced ways.
  • I would have bought it even at 5€. But not for 17.99€.
    Grats to the ones who got it cheaper!

    What makes me sad is I would like to spend money on this game in little amounts, but what I see compared to other games is not worth.

    I'm spending in other ones then...
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    something about their contract, basically the rep said they just eat this kind of stuff. makes one wonder how google play makes any money if developer mistakes get paid for my google and the developer doesn't have to pay google back, so they have literally no incentive to do better. weird :(
  • EA_Jesse wrote: »
    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to let you all know that this was a temporary glitch for that lower price. If you managed to get the pack for the cheaper price well.....enjoy, it won't be taken away.


    It should be honored for those who it sat at that price in the game for a day but we're unable. Ifor I was in a brick and mortar store here in California, I'd have quite the fraud case....

    I can tell you one thing, you'd make more in the long run at the "glitch" price than you ever will at the prices your charging now from me. I pledge never to spend a penny in game now.
  • End of year sale & this is what they give us ? 3 trash characters for $3.60 how thoughtful. EA can kick rocks another bundle im gonna skip out on. Seems they cant find a reasonable ground, either they offer good characters & charge a ridiculous price OR they offer doodoo characters for 4$ how thoughtful.
  • Telaan
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    End of year sale & this is what they give us ? 3 trash characters for $20 how thoughtful.

    Fixed for ya. :)
  • After all this and the 80% is STILL in the description.
  • what they seems to changed it back. Such a shame I almost thought that it might be worth it.
  • Can we please refer to this huge fiasco as "Ewokgate"? Everything about this is just ridiculous :D
  • Can we please refer to this huge fiasco as "Ewokgate"? Everything about this is just ridiculous :D

    It just doesn't roll off the tongue...
  • In Italy the price right now is 17.99€
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    Mine is showing $17.99, lmao. That Ewok Scout is hella tempting though, that might make it all worth while...

    Said no one, ever!
  • Has anyone on iOS got a similar offer? I wasn't going to purchase but we should still get an offer. Seems a bit like favouritism in Androids favour. You guys also get Phasma who is undeniably better than Poe. Am I also correct in saying that you guys got a free package from Samsung.
  • Telaan wrote: »
    Barrok wrote: »
    NiteFever wrote: »
    I have taken screenshots of the advertised price of $4.19 CAD and the price when it actually tries to charge me $23.72 CAD. I will be writing a negative 1 star google play store review until i receive the bundle at the advertised price. I may also pursue other courses of action.

    You are going to spend thousands in a law suit to get a 4 dollar CAD item?

    Come on man. Every company (at least in America) can accidentally list an item for the wrong price and are not required to sell it to you at that price. It's the law. So chill out, they are fixing it. It's a freaking f2p game, geez.

    Actually in the United States each state has a statute which states that if an item is listed as two different prices that they are required to sell it for the lower. You can google the various statutes. However, I'm not sure how this impacts internet sales. Regardless this violates policies for both Apple and Google either way.

    Same in the UK, if an item is advertised at two prices, regardless if a mistake or not, then it has to sell for the lower price or face proscution from trading standards.
  • Lol just one screw up after another, seriously can't the game go 72 hours without some huge fiasco? I don't know about others but my wallet is staying firmly shut as all the mishaps really cast shadow over the longevity of the game. Sure games will always come to a end, but this one feels like it will come down in January because someone spills coffee over the server while moonwalking in flip flops.

    I don't think anyone can defend their actions this time round, anyone who has ever worked in retail or any sort of buiness, will know that this breaches the trade description act. Something EA should be completely aware off, being a fundamental law in all customer/client transactions regardless whether it's a store or an online game, all are subject to it even big companies such as EA.
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    Glad I didn't fall for that scheme. The inside of the bundle look pretty bad.. nobody would use those characters. The worst is leveling them and wasting precious resources but that's just me.
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  • this is yet another poorly executed implementation of a bad idea.

  • Crittik wrote: »
    Sweet! It is $3.60 now. Just bought it hehe

    It's not just ios it's not appearing on, still showing at £13.99 for me :|
  • After trying some FTP games, I noticed that I had become increasingly anxious. So, I did some research on the psychology behind the FTP sales model and found a short article by the Huffington Post detailing several core FTP concepts. It's an interesting read that briefly covers ideas such as ego depletion, reciprocity, and price shrouding all of which are common practice used to sell FTP products at ridiculously inflated prices. You've spent hundreds on this repetitive one-dimensional game? I suggest you read this article before spending another dime.

  • Thanks for that link :) it's always fascinating to read this stuff.

    Here's a link back I shared long ago about the psychology of angry gamers:
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  • Mine is showing for $17.99. This is another example of CG being all over the place and causing for distrust among the player base. The shard issue is still not addressed with many of us not receiving any response from them. Then you see price fluctuations like this...
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    Primorac wrote: »
    I don't really get why some people are so angry though. I see it this way: I just saved 3,60€. :)
    If the package will come back for this price, I will probably buy it, if it won't, I don't care too much. It is nothing game breaking (not even game changing) for those who were able to buy it cheaply in the time frame.
    I would only be angry if I had accidentally double tapped and had actually bought it for 17,99€, but that didn't happen.

    What's funny is that this is exactly true. If it actually had been $3.60, even though I don't need these characters, I would have bought it. Because that amount is below my "spare change found in the sofa" threshold. It's a fancy cup of coffee or a Big Mac or whatever.
    At $18, though, forget it.
    They probably would have made more $ with the lower price than the higher price. But then I don't think the purpose of that pack was to sell the pack itself. The primary purpose was to get everyone upset about what a bad value it is, so that the next $50 or $100 pack they put out looks like a better deal.
    It's already working, with people posting things like "I wish I had bought that droid pack now!"
    F2P mobile games are all about psychological manipulation. Whether you spend nothing or spend thousands, never forget this.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Am I the only one a but bothered that the iffer different things on iOS and Google Play? Each one is platform for the same game. Should I swtich to android because Android users are demand mire value? Are iOS users easier to milk as average higher income?

    I wish they can iffer the same fair orice for things in Android and iOS alike, and that the primary reason be transparency and fairness to all clients and players.

    Agreed. This, along with the random $5 Dooku and 21 day crystal subscription to only part of the games player base, is very poor decision making on their part because it only alienates players.
  • I am ios and I find this offensive...............JK
    so Jesse don't want us to make hate threads, but EA is the one making such hateful situation.
    Why android always get the good stuff? Phasma, $3.86 offer you name it!
  • NiteFever wrote: »
    I have taken screenshots of the advertised price of $4.19 CAD and the price when it actually tries to charge me $23.72 CAD. I will be writing a negative 1 star google play store review until i receive the bundle at the advertised price. I may also pursue other courses of action.

    That is appalling totally!!! I still don't see the new low price yet but I'm not interested, however, I don't like that some have different prices and options in general. Every player should receive the same offers at the same price period, it's the honest thing to do
  • I've complained about EAs shady moves and people hate me for it so I'm done trying to add to it. All I can say is, close your wallet....
  • So Android users get some type of package for 18 bucks or less and us ios users just get something for 120? That's awesome...

    Good ol' EA.
  • Really so people that spend 20 or more are left in the dark? I mean I'm not a guy who complained a single time about pricing or anything but this is just plain wrong imo.
    Even if the people that were able to buy it for 4 bucks or w/e, you can't expect the people that spend 20 bucks to be silent and move a long.
    Thats like buying a TV in a store and a day after they sell it with a discount. It happened to me once and I got the difference in return since it's legally within 2 weeks when price got altered.
    Anyway haven't bought it myself, would buy it at 4 bucks but cmon EA, too many things are going down a dangerous road atm.
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  • I bought it at $3.60, It was worth it in my book just for the 350k credits alone. All the shards were pure bonus and extra characters are extra characters. Want to level up everyone anyway. This is insanely cheap now.
  • What I think EA should do is give us the pack for free to fix all the mess they caused. It would be good for business....
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