Samsung Data Pack not appearing

One of my friends has a Samsung S5, and my gf has a Samsung S6 Active.

The guy with the S5 got the free Samsung pack when he started playing about a week ago, but my gf with her S6 active has never seen the option to redeem it. She has been playing since the 2nd day after official launch.

Is there a reason it is not appearing for her?
Are there settings on her phone that are denying the game access to her phone information?

She has linked her account to google play, but not Facebook. I'm not sure if that is pertinent information.

P.S. I am 100% sure she has not accidentally redeemed it and forgot; She does not have IG-86


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    Does no one else have this issue?
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    That sounds so strange. Im not sure why. How far through are you. You should get it just after the tutorial. However it was a limited time offer thing i think as well. I could be wrong.

  • Baal
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    It may not be a supported device...they could try bluestacks on a pc to check.
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    Same here. I am on a galaxy s4 and never saw the pack. I opened a ticket but never got an answer.
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    It looks like bluestacks still allows access to the pack, so it isn't a limited offer than has ended (yet).

    Either certain Samsung devices aren't in the game's "Samsung device" list, or there is some sort of breakdown in communication between the device and the game.

    Has anyone else had problems with a galaxy s6 active (or Grimaldus' galaxy s4)?
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