Bronzium Data Cards 12/29

Been playing since it went live.. Was only getting the occasional character shard, mostly items.

Today, got back-to-back characters.. 3-star Storm Trooper and Ewok Elder (already have him so it gave me 7 character shards).

Did they change the drop rate of the actual characters in the Bronzium? Or is that just some good RNG for me for once?

Just thought it was odd that I got them back to back, and not an actual character since release from them.


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    I don't think they've changed anything. I'm not getting full heroes since first week. Congrats.
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    Completely random. I'm back to getting 300 credits and the odd piece of junk that none of my characters need after getting a couple of character drops (nothing special).
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    I have received these characters from bronziumncards since I began playing, these are all full characters.

    4* Mace Windu
    Imma gun-di
    Urrororru or whatever its spelling is lol

    3* Ahsoka

    2* Royal Guard
    Ewok scout
    Snow trooper
    Jedi Guardian

    As opposed to the few times I bought cards and got
    Cad Bane
    Several sets of random shard with only 7 Imma Gun-di shards being relevant


    The Bronziums have paid out substantially better for me. Its just luck and maybe time, i leveled fast so I earned alot of points to open alot of cards.

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    Yeah I'm level 54.. only got 2 characters out of it (yet back to back). Can't complain I guess. I do have a boatload of characters as it is (just unlocked Vader)
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    Level 60, been playing a month.
    I have not opened any Chars in forever it seems outside of shards but could really use

    Cad Bane
    Imma gun-di
    Mace Windu
    Teebo (meh)
    Ally Code 299-731-212
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