Best of each class

Who are the top 5 attacker/tank/healer and why?


  • Best attackers always vary depending on team synergy. There is no BEST but here are a few that are S-rank imo.
    1.Lando - The human nuke. If his aoe crits twice it is reset and gives 70% more damage next round.
    2. Leia - gives crit buff to the team and can attack 3 times.
    3. Rey - consistently buffs herself and her special can land 4 times
    4. FO TIE pilot - weak HP pool but basic attack can hit twice per round.
    5. Darth Vader - a little slow but applies 3 dots to each enemy and can reset his turn meter with his second special.

    There aren't a lot of tanks that actually tank.
    1.Stormtrooper Han - the best tank that can taunt. He gives crazy amounts of turn meter every time he is hit.
    2. Chewy - his taunt doesn't last as long but he has way more hp and self heals.
    3. Red Guard - straight garbage. He has a ton of hp but his taunt has a very low chance of triggering.

    Healers are easy.
    1.Luminara - she has the best heal in the game. period. It has the most powerful initial heal and heals a good amount for the next 2 turns.
    2. Jedi Consular - initial heal is pretty strong. 3 turn CD. 25% chance that basic attacks reduce CD by 1.
    3. Old Daka - multiple ways to revive teammates. Weak heal but can stun multiple enemies.
    4. Talia - strong heal with turn meter gain. Sacrifices her own health which usually leads to her death.
    5. Ewok Elder - eh? I don't use him and I don't know anyone who does. Sorry dude.
  • Thanks im trying to get a feel for the game im level 50 but didnt give much thought on stategy til last few days. I spent hella time farming savage oppress and other than being hard to kill he sucks
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    My team now is bobba, lando, maul, luminara and either chewey or finn. I think ima add sid and snips just do to them,being easy to farm
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