Luminara not a "healer"?

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Got a 3* luminara from bronzium last night (booya) and noticed her classifications were "jedi, attacker". I noticed this because you cant use her on the healer and support only daily mission... yet you can use dooku that is for whatever reason considered a support. I realize that she is an agy hero, but she is obviously used mainly for her healing ability.


  • Luminara does sick damage with her special I've hit high 2k+ crits with it. I can understand her classification because she hangs damage wise with my dedicated DPS. She is basically Talia on steroids.
  • Luminara heals for a bomb, + when skill level 5/6, her heals leave a 'Heal over time' for 2 turns. Apart from Barris, I would rate Lumi the 2nd best healer in game, along with high basic attack, decent single target skill, decent HP.
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    Okay on Luminara but having Dooku in "healer/support" is weird.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • I agree that she does very good damage as well, but why limit a character to just two classifications? She should be jedi, healer, attacker. Seriously though, why is dooku a support?!? Just because he has a chance to stun?
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