Where all da content at meng.

i really think we need something new coming into the game even if its something small that would mean we have more to do on the game rather than just the same stuff every day. However i predict we might something new at the start of the year


  • This game is missing guilds, raids, free challenging events, more challenge levels and more.
    It has been released with very few content compared with other games in the market at their release.

    Potential has a lot, and the few content finished I find it very good. Artistic side of the game is very beatifull.
    But it looks more like an unfinished game and they need money to release or produce more.
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  • J7000
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    I've been trying out a lot of other games and it amazes me how much more to do there is in them compared to this one. There are so many SW fans to entice with this game but they seem to really not care much.
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