JC or Old Daka

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Hi everyone
My Current Team is this below, all 60 Max equip
Sid 6 Stars
Lumi 6 Stars
Chewi 5 Stars
JC 5 Stars
Maul 4 Stars
I dont know if i'll Level on daka. Her stun is realy good. But her dmx is Not that much. My JC hit with Max gear realy hard and with Luck there is 1 round CD on his heal
Thanks for your feedback


  • Ive had a lot of great luck with her. I use her strictly for stuns, I dont use her to damage.

    She died in GW 1 time.. then revived herself like a boss.
  • Time
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    She is the best stunner in the game. Getting lucky on revives can be game changing. Imo she isn't really a healer and needs one with her so she can heal the revived.
  • Daka is the number one stunna

    But JC is the better choice imho.
  • Short answer: both, but youbare in no urgency and can first max JC, and pick Daka after whatever is your current cantina shipments chars, since Daka only really competes with that.

    You will try different approaches, and need both for that. What good is a little more damage if Leia stealths? Or if that Poe taunts just before their Ben dies? Look, TIE pilot and IG86, who to take first? With Daka you may take BOTH first (keep one stunned!). With JC you heal and heal and consistently do above average dmg. It's great. But sometimes preventing 9k from Leia or TIE is really nicer.
  • Overall: JC

    Daka is great to fill a hole for DS tables though and does well in GW. If you can borrow a good Daka the tables turn even more to JC.

    All of this sad, you can farm JC and turn in tokens for Daka should you wish. I think there are better options though.
  • Personally I would just get daka from cantina shippments. You have lumi. She is an upgraded JC anyways.

    Reasons why daka over JC
    Daka stuns
    Daka revives to include herself. When chewy goes down she can bring him back up
    Daka is fast.

    Lumi should keep chewy up through his taunt anyways. If you haven't downed atleast 1 character by the time chewy taunt wears off, you will need something else.
  • Of course choose me.
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