Suggestions I Have in Mind.

I know that the game has a lot of features not unlocked yet, but I have some suggestions that I would like to see in the future updates and I will also include the reason why. I am making this post because I don't know what ya'll have in store for us in the future and I would like to have all my bases covered on what I like to see.

1. A leaderboard for Level, Power, collective power of all the characters, etc. I know there is one for the arena already. I think this will allow players to be more competitive for other leaderboards than just the arena.

2. The ability to set up and save your defensive team in the arena. Just because I attack a certain team with a certain setup does not mean I want that to be my defensive team on the next person that go against me.

3. Another type of arena gameplay. Where you can face 3 different teams against the same person against your 3 different teams that you have setup. I believe this will allow for the most use from different synergy teams and also allow players to not to have to rely on meta teams alone. I also think this will bring in more revenue because players would have to unlock, level and gear more characters. This will also will allow players to play other characters they have been wanting to play but don't because of the best current meta teams setups. The rewards will also allow you to have more character shards to choose from.

4. Guild/Alliance function. I am personally surprised that the game was released without one. I have several reasons why I would like to see this. First is friends list. It is harder to build up a friends list with out one. Guild members can also help lower level members with the borrow a hero function allowing for a mixed amount of leveled friends to choose from. I also believe this will make players more active if their guild members expect more from them. Not to mention guild vs. guild and guild bosses etc that can come from this.

5. Being able to see gear required from gear slots at all gear levels. This will make it easier to prepare the characters you want to work for already knowing in advance what gear is required.

6. Chat Room. It will be nice to share tips, ask for advice, share ally codes and talk about the game in a built in game chat room.

7. Holocrons. Collecting Holocrons for characters to increase their base stats, etc. This will also be another source of revenue to collect form us.

8. Percentage on health bar and turn meters. This will allow users to make better decisions on whom to attack etc. The percentage on the turn meter will allow us to better estimate and understand whose character's turn it is next and understand how the buffs and debuffs affect the turn meter that specifically effect it.

9. A x3 or X10 SIM function on battles. This will allow for easier farming of gear instead of having to press the SIM button over and over again. I also would like to receive slightly more SIM cards on energy purchases.

10. Being able to watch arena battles that have already occurred in the arena against you. So you can better understand why and how the other team did or did not beat your team. It is less frustrating if you know how you lost so you can improve on it.

11. Character information. Information on whom the character is, where they came from and lore. Something to read on the down time waiting for a cool down on arena or something.

12. A guaranteed 2 star character and above on x8 chromium packs. Making users want to buy the more expensive option instead. Which I think will make ya'll more revenue.

13. Weekly events and sales. Like extra character shard drops etc. I think this will remind or have users want to long on for that day for the event. Which I think ya'll will make more revenue on the sales.

I know some of these suggestion were already posted but I just wanted to cover what I wanted to see in the updates.


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