Guesses on next update?

1) Anyone got any educated guesses on when they think the next update will be?

2) Anyone have any guesses on what will be in the next update?

My guesses -

1) End of January because it's Holiday time so everyone is off or hardly working.
So I'm guessing that if EA's Development is similar to my company's, any significant release will be End of January at the soonest if they're an Agile shop.

2) I'm guessing and hoping for more content for the "locked" tables of sorts. The ones that appear as holograms but have nothing available.

I'm also guessing some new Battles since it says "Coming Soon!" :D .
I'm sure there will be some new Characters, but I have no guess on which.
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  • I think there will be a pack including Ren or Ren shards.

    Leia might become semi farmable.

    Some improvement to the key card battles.
  • Fotp will probably get nerfed. I am hoping it is just a small one like a decreased double tap percentage and not a big overhaul.

    Leia's unique should be fixed and as such her usefulness goes way down. Whether or not they keep her ability to do 4 attacks in a row who knows.

    Now that jedi's have all but disappeared from the meta I am expecting small buffs to some of the Jedi to help them back into top tier teams. Specifically, kit fisto, Aayla, plo koon, and anakin getting some small buffs.

    Don't expect to see new content any time soon since new content is locked with level cap and most people aren't there yet.

    Expect at most a bundle between now and the next character set release which won't happen at least for another month. My guess is it includes yoda, Jedi luke, some scoundrel character to help make their team synergy not so terrible, a dark side healer, and another droid. This is all speculation of course :)

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