Chromium or energy recharge?

So far since release I've been spending all my gems towards the 350 1x chromium pack. I've been hoping for Barris or someone I could use for GW. So far no good. Should I start putting my gems I earn into energy recharges instead?


  • well most good charecter you can farm shards. and have energy refills will make you earn shards faster, since you do more mission per day. chromium packs is lottery. you might win you might not.

    advice. do energy refills and do squad cantina battles and light/dark hard battles with refills to get the shards of an spesific charecter you like.
  • Should I lean towards cantina or basic refills?
  • Venator_83 wrote: »
    Should I lean towards cantina or basic refills?

    Depends on your squad and who you are farming, however cantina costs more.
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  • Refill cantina once and basic 2-4 times
  • I would level up faster with refills I guess. I don't know it's all such a gamble. It's like 50/50 chance for a shard doing missions. Ugh I hate these choices...
  • aspenstar wrote: »
    Venator_83 wrote: »
    Should I lean towards cantina or basic refills?

    Depends on your squad and who you are farming, however cantina costs more.

    as aspenstar said. depands on what charecter you like to farm. one the started charecter i know jedi consular is an okay charecter to have with you. and you can farm him on light/dark and cantina squad.. 2 refills on normal battles cost 100 crystal, while 1 refill on cantina cost 100 if i am not mistaken. hard mission cost 12 energy, while cantina for jedi consular cost 10(2a).

    so all down to math. 120 energy refill cantina. gives you 12 battles. normal hard gives you 20 on same crystal amount, but you can only do 3 hard on each level. so normal battles you can farm several charecter's, but will take you "longer" getting them to 7*, since you can only so 3 per level a-b-c 3 each etc.

    unless i am totally wrong in my post.
  • I just found out the 3rd energy refill costs 100 instead of 50. So 2 refills a day would be good I think
  • I'd say it depends on these things:

    1. Your level - Chromium packs make sense if your level is relatively low. You could potentially pull some useful 4* characters. Once you reach something level 40ish, leveling slows down significantly and you're better off spending at least some crystals on refills.

    2. Your expectations - You want Darth Maul, Kylo Ren or Ben Kenobi? Well ****, you probably won't get them. Chromium packs are something like a long time investment and should be bought occasionally. Just expect the worst... and Royal Guard shards. If you have some extra cash then go ahead and spend your money.

    3. Financials - if you can afford it then screw it go all in. You can still accumulate enough crystals for chromium 8-packs as a f2p player without spending any money. Oh and stop buying 350 crystal packs, you'd be much smarter to save 2500 for an 8-pack. Unless you like wasting crystals.
  • I'm level 57 lol. I've been doing chromium this whole time. The benefits of recharge are worth it I think. The reason why I did chromium over recharge is so I can stay behind the pay to win kids. I'm afraid to hit lvl 60 cuz I'm sure there's 7* teams there now
  • Imo do 2 normal energy and 1 cantina reharge minimum thats 200 crystals a day, weekly bundle+pvp+dailies more than gives you enough. Honestly I would refrain from buying cards, they arent really worth it unless you are buying in mass.
  • I prolly make like 150 gems a day. GW jyps me in the last 3 matches.
  • Save em don't rush. Especially once you get to 40 and GW. You'll find more favorable matchups to harvest.
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