Double drops

This is no good if you reduse the drop rate. Its trickry to get players to spend money. Or a cheap way to get players to stratigise to use their energy at certan times when it doesnt matter. I used to pull 5 shards give or take, every morning in canteen, today during double i did not get a single drop. This is only ONE example of how my personal drop rates have decreased. Dont fall for the double drops with half the drop rates.


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    It's RNG: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The drop rate didn't change. I'm sorry you lost out, but I kept careful track and when all the characters are aggregated together for a larger sample, the change I saw between the drop rate during DoubleDrop and the drop rate before/after/between Double Drops was well within expected variation (use a chi-square test, don't'cha know) for any decent RNG.

    Besides, even if they did give you 1/2 drop rate on Shards....guess what? The Cantina Battles tokens were doubled, and they drop every time. That means your CB Shipments shards just doubled. And GW Tokens are steady and predictable. you know when they're coming. There is no RNG involved. And they doubled. I saved a GW each day before Double Drop GW events, and so I got 3 GWs at double the token rate, then a day or two later, I got 3 GWs at double token rate again. I actually have 2 accounts*, and so each time I played SIX GWs in 24 hours.

    Not one single time did I fail to get double the value. They didn't change how many shards were available for 400 GW tokens. Everything was the same. At one point I had 6800 tokens waiting to be spent!

    Yes, you're a victim of RNGs. But the Double Drop event didn't change that. As Jayne Cobb might say:
    50 percent of nothin' is, let me do the math here... nothin' and a nothin', carry the nothin'...

    ...sure zero shards is no fun, but 50% of nothing would have been the same. Double the nothing is still the same. And while you're getting that "2 Times Nothin, Carry the Nothin" in shards, you're still getting 2x sim tickets, 2x gear, 2x credits, 2x training droids, and, best of all, 2x tokens.

    We made out like bandits. The people that had great luck with RNGs on those four days made out even better, much better than I did. People like you made out worse than I did. But we all made out like bandits. If you are experiencing the credit crunch, then just getting a chance to do 6 GWs for 2x Credits is a blessing, don't you think?

    *one for the game I started on my partner's iPad when I couldn't play on my main account on my computer using GooglePlay via Andy
  • I can say I did great with double drops I unlock Barris and got her to 5 stars but I refreshed it 3 times a day also.
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