Can all the grade 8 gear heroes please stand up? (For level 60)

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I'm starting this thread because I'm gathering info on all heroes.

I have collected quite a few myself and I'm levelling up and upgrading all of the gradually.
And it's taking tons of resources to farm materials and it's quite time consuming.. Takes patience and quite a bit of luck.

With that said, I hope many of us will share our knowledge on which heroes can go beyond grade 7 gears at level 60.

here are the heroes that I know so far can reach grade 8;
- Jedi Consular
- Greedo
- Boba Fett
- Jedi Knight Guardian (confirmed by AdyX below) thx

Assuming the devs balanced light side vs dark side, there should be 3 more heroes who can reach grade 8 on light side and 1 more dark side.

Anyone else have found a hero that I'm missing here?
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  • While I haven't geared any, I wouldn't be surprised if the generic characters like Royal Guard, Ewok Scout, Snowtrooper, etc could also get up there. I have seen epic geared Royal Guards in GW, maybe they know something I don't?!?
  • I'm sure that at least 1 of the heroes from that year end bundle can reach grade 8
  • That ewok can snipe already, he don't need no gear 8. :) you got the meta of the gear 8s I know of.
  • You can get Jedi Knight Guardian to gear 8 and start upgrading her to gear 9. Only 2 items are not available now due to level limit.
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