Character clones?

Is it possible to have a playing field just of Troopers, Droids, Ewoks or Jawas?
Otherwise that would make for a good update.


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    I think if you get a character that you already have it turns in to shards for that character. The shards are to upgrade that character. But if you're talking about 5 droids on your team then yea you can do that
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  • You can't have multiple of the same character in one team. But often times soldier class characters like clones and stormtroopers will have different variations (like Hoth Rebel and Hoth Rebel Scout). There are multiple Ewoks in the game already and 2 jawas. So yea we will have soldier squad soon in the near future.
  • By playing through the game you encounter - Clone Private (Phase1), Clone Lieutenant (Phase1), and the 2 we have Clone Sergeant (Phase1) and CT-5555 "Fives"..... Its only the released version we have so far... If you look at Pictures from the game, there are characters we don't even have yet. Even Bosses in-game like for example Luke Skywalker (Rebel). So its a matter of waiting....
  • Being up against 5 Jawas, and twice in a row is just nuts. They are so overpowered.. So why cant we do it?
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