Jedi Knight Guardian

I just pulled her in a Bronze pack. Is she worth leveling or should I just ignore her? My current Light Side characters are: Chewy, Poe, JC, Jawa, Clone Sergeant (and Ewok Scout, but never use).


  • She's fairly well worthless
  • if her special did a higher percentage of ability block, she'd be really no different than bobba besides his leader ability of course. she probably hits harder than him too.
    Pay to win-The biggest whiners on this board.
  • I wish I could trade in my revive chance/evasion up on bobba for a 10-25% damage bonus.
    Pay to win-The biggest whiners on this board.
  • For JKG I think she needs a buff to her chance to apply the block. As it stands with me it never procs. Anyone have her maxed that can give a view there?
  • Daemon
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    I currently have her at max gear lv8 4\6 pieces (can't have any more gear due to lv restrictions) 6*. She's 4830 power at this level. Powerlifter 450 is right, she's fairly useless. I only use her if my 2 main tanks go down or I loose a few of my healers. There are better options to spend those cantina points on. She usually hits for 1200-1500 on saber sweep. About the same on saber throw too.
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