How i can change my name?

I want change name, In the last update there are this possibility but I don't success. Sorry for my English


  • kaytheowl
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    I can access the edit username option from Guilds. Click on your name and when your inventory and stats pop up, there is a pencil next to your username and you're able to click on that and change your name. (not sure if this is accessible anywhere else or not, I haven't found it)
  • You can also tap on the level/experience bar from the main screen.
  • Thanks, but i can't tap on level/experience bar... I try but nothing
  • Larkon_Adama79
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    If you are in chat box and type something you can also get to name change from there. Just click on your name in the chat box and not in battle. There you should see a pencil icon top left corner. Somebody told me it was 200 crystals to change your name but I am not sure.
  • Hi I'm also trying to change my name. There is no pencil next to my name after I've clicked on my level bar!
  • Jedi_Yoda
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    Burnoburns wrote: »
    Hi I'm also trying to change my name. There is no pencil next to my name after I've clicked on my level bar!

    Go to MAIN screen (where all the holotables appear)

    Click on player level (where the bar is below to show your relative level). click on player level XX or the bar..

    It works..
  • It looks like you can't change your name if the game decides you're under age.
    The first person to play my copy of SWGOH was my 9 year old son.
    He set the player birthday to 2007.
    The game set my player name to "Mol Eliza" and does not allow me to change it.
    In fact EA support now cannot either change the name, or the player age.
    Looks like I'm going to be "Mol Eliza" forever unless I delete the account and start a new one from scratch :(
  • When you log in to your account go to guilds on the main screen. Then find your name in the guild , click in your name and that should bring up your player ally code with a pencil next to it.

    If I click on that pencil it will allow you to chance your name. As far as I know this has nothing to do with your age. That may be why your name was set to Mol elize.... But I many people that were able to change there name in the guild after the guild was set up.

    If this doesn't work I would suggest getting in touch with an account supervisor to fix the issue.
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