Arena - who to farm?

Im finishing 7* Sideous And I have No idea who should I go for next. I'm lvl58 f2p just bought dooku
My arena team has 18,000 power with
Sideous 6*
Luminara 6*
Consular 5*
Vader 4* (or Ima Gun Di or Finn both 4*)
Dooku 4*

I also have new Phasma 3* Talia 4* Jawa 4* and Old Daka 4* Chewie 4*

I'm farming Old Daka to 5* in Cantina and thought about doing Fives next
I'm farming Consular off CantinaBattles
Luminara off GW and later Phasma
And with Sideous almost done I'm not sure if I should go for Asajj, Ig88 or someone else.

Thanks for any help :)


  • In my opinion, IG-88 is junk. I had him pretty well leveled up until the 50s and I gave up on him because his hitpoints are so weak. And I didn't see anywhere to increase his hitpts with gear like most heroes. It's a shame because he could be a good Sidious back up with his heal blocker and high damage.

    Asajj might be a better bet.
  • people reccommend asajj or IG 88 as the next best 2 guys. i have no experience with either so its just off what ive heard.

    88 has massive aoe damage. stacked with sid vader, anyone with enemy debuffs he can dish out 7k crits off of an aoe.
    and for asajj, well she has an aoe that resets and a passive that gives her offense up on kill or something. So her aoe does nice damage with the offense up buff.

    and thats exactly what you already know.. hah just repeating you XD

    for the sake of a mean **** comp 2 months from now. phasma fives dooku kylo combo is mean. Its like they attack so much and kylo gets double effect... they just proc phasmas leader ability 2 times a round. and if the right person is chosen is can do serious damage. just a thought.
  • I would pick asajj she's slow but so is 88. She has stuns, debuffs "if you're lucky" and skill reset on kills plus buffs on ally kills.
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