8 star characters

Is it possible (or likely) when they raise the level cap that they will also allow characters to be promoted past 7 stars? Thoughts?


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    Any ideas or was this a dumb question?
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    Not sure, kind of doubt they will. Character level and gear is likely enough of a challenge to keep up with once they lift the cap.

    I'm already stuck on DS Hard 6-B because of the level 66 Ewok Elder in the final encounter.
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    Raising star rating would send ppl over the edge an be a terrible terrible move. The game offers tons of variety in team potentials/stnergies as is and its really brand new. There is so much they can do still to progress the game via gear, abilitys, toons, content, real events, lvl cap increase, giveaways, lotterys, etc etc etc that there really is no good readon to raise star cap.
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