3 GW runs on a tuesday

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How is it that people rack up 36 (3 GW's) nodes of the GW on tuesday? I can understand doing 2 but can't figure out how they do 3.

I'm in the UK and my guild activities reset around 11am. So to get 2 GWs within the guilde activity reset window, I can do this:

Tues am (after guild activities reset)- reset and run GW
Weds am (b4 guild activities reset) - reset and run GW

But how would I get a 3rd one?


  • aerendhil
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    keep the one from monday till tuesday.
    I really don't have time to play 2 GW in 1 the evening and a 3rd one in the next morning though.
    I choose the Red Pill.
  • Keeka1
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    do a reset on the Monday but don't play it so when the GW challenge goes live on the tuesday you'll have a fresh run waiting and a reset for the day, then on the wednesday when you can reset it again do it before the guild challenge changes on the wednesday
  • OoUndead
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    Don't do your GW run on the monday. So when it's time for your guild activites you do the two you have in stock . (You can have one in running and one to "start over" so it's two). You finish them, and you wait your daily activities to reset and you get a new one ! BIM 3 GW runs :) (But get ready to waste hours of your time ^^)
  • X0160768
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    Thanks guys. It doesn't take me hours fortunately. I can finish them in about 40 mins usually.
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