character idea: rancor

rancor will be a high damage but EXTREMELY slow tank and will be a part of a new archetype of characters called beasts/monsters or something of the like.

normal attack: rancor knockout: rancor will hit target character with his huge hands and deal medium damage with a chance to stun.

special attack: devour: deals high amount of damage to target character and on a killing blow from this attack gain some health. (do to the high damage plus the heal this attack may need a large cool down time)

unique passive: thick skin: physical damage to rancor is reduced. (sense hes all ready tanky this might be a bit much but its fits because its said rancors skin can deflect blaster bolts so maybe instead of a percent reduction maybe it can be a small flat reduction like 40 damage reduction or something so he will not be op)

leader ability: banquet: ally beast/monsters heal for some health when landing a killing blow.(only the beast/monster that landed the killing blow)

i will try to do more like this i got 4 others i want to do of this beast/monster archtype all from the movies.


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