character notifications

Hi all, just started the game, but trying to figure out why I still have a notification with a red 3 on my characters menu, when I can't apparently train, level, uograde or equip any of them.

Is this a known bug, or can someone tell me a typical thing that I need to check that I may not have discoverd yet?


  • Train your abilities that's it......
  • Nah, apparently it's not the abilities either... :(. Have trained all what I could but still this red 3
  • I have the same thing happening. Believe me, I want to up my characters because I can't seem to get any further but there's no obvious reason for there to be notifications there.
  • I'm not totally sure but can you make materials for gear slots? (not complete the gear slot but just make parts of the materials) ?

    It happened to me when I started but as you go further into the game you have almost everyone with red 3's by them lol
  • Randall
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    Get used to will see it forever.
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